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Reflexology is as old as the pyramids of Egypt, and is still practiced today all over the world. The premise of reflexology can be documented in any anatomy textbook found in any medical library or university: reflexology works via the free nerve endings. The most abundant free nerve endings are located in the hands and feet.
"Free nerve endings" mean that this type of nerve communicate with the brain and the organs and glands of the body. The other type of (cutaneous) nerve in the body directly communicates with the brain. In contrast with the small area cutaneous nerves are responsible for, the first type of nerve bears the complete responsibility for the internal workings of the body, as well as keeping track of temperature, touch, pressure, chemical substances, movement. For this reason, reflexology can have an enormous impact on good health.
As with any natural healing, reflexology works with the subtle anatomy of the body. "Subtle anatomy" is the body's life force; it's the soul, the feeling you can't quite put your finger on (but you know it's there). It's the voice inside you. The subtle anatomy is your gut feeling, your intuition, your connection with a greater power. Along with the physical body, the subtle anatomy of the body needs to relax too.
There is no way to describe what a reflexology session feels like. One must feel the sensation to appreciateits effects on the body.
Reflexology is a natural healing therapy, based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet which correspond to every part, organ and gland in the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural functioning of the related areas of the body.
Relieves tension
Helpsthe body  balance itself naturally without adverse side effects.
At A Massage Helps we give you a relaxing foot bath to both warm and cleanse the feet. Aromatherapy oils may be added to the foot bath if you wish.
You may either lay down or sit up for the treatment. Some people like to totally relax , close their eyes and listen to soothing, specially chosen music, while other people enjoy to sit up and talk and ask questions.
We start with the right foot and use gentle, relaxing, warm up movements, followed by pressure applied to each of the reflex points. After this procedure is complete we rewrap the foot in the towel and then complete the left foot in exactly the same manner as the right foot.
After both feet have been treated we start back with the right foot and apply light massage techniques over the whole foot and then proceed to do the same for the left foot.
If acceptable to you, the client, we will use custom blends of Aromatherapy oils using high quality therapeutic grade oils to complete your session.
At A Massage Helps, we now leave you to relax for a short period of time , so that you may continue to enjoy the peace and tranquility you are experiencing from your treatment.
Is that your feel totally relaxed and /or revived when you leave your treatment session. Reflexology is a tool by which you are treating yourself well and using preventative methods in your health care. Treatment sessions are taken either as a regular therapy or on an as required basis, this is your choice.
Tracy Spooner L.M.T.

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